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    Super Mario World (1990)

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    Katsushika Hokusai Electronic Circuit Board

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    i hate compressing gifs.. 

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    In the pitch black emptiness of space, there is no emptiness at all.

    This is space wanderlust.

    Traveling in space needs precise navigation, and a variety

    of video games to keep those sane minds sane

    Travel with someone? Even better.


  9. youre really you but youre not really real

    i was doing reading for my class apparently primates evolved their thought part of their brain because of the addition of hands and opposable thumbs. Originally these species could live with only instincts and reflexes like most animals today. A thought region of the brain evolved because it’s more efficient than just instincts: there are just so many things you can do with hands. (as apposed to simple instincts like breeding rituals, hunting and searching a narrow range of food, fight or flight instinct ect.) And this got me thinking about programming AI and that reactions to every world stimuli can be coded in the program(just like instinct)/ But even more, an AI can be coded to analyze and decide on its senses vs having a different reaction code per stimuli. So whats the difference between me and a machine. DNA is just a form of code right? give a robot feelings and its no different. As long as its actual learning AI and not simulated AI.


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    latest stress relief piece!


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    The new poster is here. And the story behind it is just as good -> http://vult.re/1ufRwnO

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