1. parallax

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  2. typette:



    oh my fucking god

    huge fucking trigger warning but oh my god

    well it’s nice to see this getting a little attention even in a comedic sense, nothing gets the truth across better than that in some cases

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  5. antonimus:

    Antonio Lee
    Oil and acrylic on canvas. 100cm x 140cm

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  6. Newest episode of got has incest and rape all in one scene, and they do it right next to their son’s dead body. HBO has peaked.


  7. Impossible apple

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  8. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Mattias Adolfsson

    Brush Works

    These are so nice


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    Edit: Bionic Limb.
    Original: ||||

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  13. can i stop seeing colberts stupid fucking face on my dash


  14. I had a nightmare that I smoked all my weed and I had nothing left :,(


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